• Wednesday , 17 September 2014


In recent times we see, there are so many people who suffers from arthritis. We need to know what arthritis is. People suffering from arthritis suffer from swelling around the joints of the bones with a lot of pain. The area loses its sense and the person cannot even move that part of the body.

 Mostly the middle aged people suffers from this disease, however it is found nowadays that younger ones have started to suffer from it as well. This disease is caused due to indecent way of leading life, if the person bears too much of stress in the mind, someone who has to work by sitting next to the computer in an upright position for a long time, too much eating of spicy foods and lastly people who doesn’t have regular and proper sleep at night.

 One needs to visit a physician and get a thorough check up done in order to figure out how serious the disease is. Lots of tests should be done to know what the present situation is and what the ways that it could be cured.

 Doing yoga can work wonder for arthritis patients, so the person should join the respective classes or training school. It is a kind of rehabilitation.

 Regular exercise and working out is extremely important and one should follow that religiously. Playing sports, jogging, bicycling does certainly help.

 If the person totally avoids non vegetarian foods then it is very good for god for his health. Having bath with hot water also helps. Massaging with ice by any professional also helps a lot. Any kind of cold drinks, spicy foods and foods containing cholesterol should be avoided too.

One needs keep himself always engaged with some work. Having good friends and supportive family is also very important. Meeting new people and chatting with them helps people suffering from arthritis a lot.

There is a very important thing we all should remember that, whoever suffering from any disease, we all should create a positive vibe around the person, we shall never demotivate that person by any means, no matter how serious the disease might be, we all tell that person everything is going to be well in the end, we should tell the patient that he will be all right. The matter of fact is, if we can do that then half of our job is done.

There are millions in the United States are suffering from arthritis, but there is nothing to fear a lot about it, it is definitely curable.

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